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How to Spice Up Your Relationship

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How to Spice Up Your Relationship

Having difficulties in your relationship? Lack of communication, white lies all around everyday small talk? These are signs that you might be losing the interest of your loved one. Have no fear, the important thing is that you have actually noticed these small, well-hidden indicators of lack of interest.
Improvising will get you in the period where your love for each other was blooming and everything from sex, to morning breakfast in bed was amazing and interesting. So if both of you think that you are losing each other, but at the same time want to try anything and everything to change that, take a look at the advice in making things the way they were.
Sex Tape.

Taking a camera and video recording your lovemaking, can make things different indeed. Seeing yourself and your partner from a whole new angle will make you realize that there is more to you partners need than you thought. The process of recording is fun and interesting by itself, but the real experience comes when you play it from the beginning and start to notice all that flitches and small hints of things you like and dislike.
Sex toys.

Involving sex toys in your emotion expressing, fluid exchanging acts, can spice things up rather well. Ask your partner whether she prefers anal sex toys or the one for vaginal stimulation. If she doesn’t get enough of clitoris stimulation from you, chose some of the best sex toys that can provide an easy clitoral orgasm.

The choice is up to you, but be sure to fully extend the topic, mentioning why would you prefer this over that toy. This will not only create interesting topics for both of you, it will also let you understand your partner’s sexual desires even more.

Bringing an extra party to you love life.

This doesn’t have to be long lasting, but bringing another person in your bed can make miracles happen. Simply asking that busty neighbor that recently moved in to join you and your wife in bed might not do the trick. Try spending some time with that person, invite her to dinner and create a romantic atmosphere that allows you to throw small hints of what the intention is.

Don’t be too aggressive with trying to make that person understand what are you up to, this might make her leave. Balancing between formal conversation and flirting will get you in a bet with two more persons, where everyone is comfortable and trying to please each other.

Improvise with food.

There are a lot of edible lubricants and everyday kitchen materials that can be used in bed. Experiment with chocolate toppings, cream, whipped cream honey anything and everything that is sweet. Whipped cream usually does the trick for most women, apply on those sensitive spots and you are sure to have your partner make sure that every drop is gone leaving you satisfied and ready to do the same. So have fun and be creative!

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